7 Things to Make CPAP a Success : CPAP Accessories Buyers Guide

So now you have the CPAP machine, the hose and the mask. What else do you need?

There are a number of CPAP Accessories that will help your experience of using your sleep apnea machine:

  1. CPAP Heated hose;
  2. CPAP Hose cover;
  3. CPAP Hose holder;
  4. CPAP Pillows;
  5. CPAP Mask Liners;
  6. New CPAP Hoses;
  7. CPAP Hose Cleaners
    1. Hose Brushes
    2. CPAP Sanitizer.

Humidifiers are essential for comfortable operation of your machine. It presents dry nose and nose bleeds.

However one problem you will experience is Rain-out. This is caused by condensation forming inside the hose when the warm humid air hits the colder hose.

The only way to prevent this is to make the hose temperature the same as the humid air coming from the machine. Now you could warm up your bedroom to match the humidifier temperature but that’s expensive and very uncomfortable.

A cheaper solution is to buy either a heated hose or a hose cover.

1. CPAP Heated Hose

This works by warming up the hose so that the air doesn’t hit a cold hose wall and condense.

Some CPAP manufacturers make their own heated hose system. These are good to get because the power to run them come from the machine so you don’t have to use up another power socket.

The problem with a manufacturer heated hose is that it can only be used on that specific machine. If you switch to a new manufacturer then you’ll need a new heated hose.

There are universal heated hoses that can do the job but you’ll need to use up an electrical outlet. Plus the universal one costs $120: significantly more than the manufactures who sell them for around $85.

2. CPAP Hose Cover

Snuggle Hose

Src: SnuggleHose

I personally prefer a hose cover. It’s a much cheaper alternative, reusable between machines and just plain out cool.

It’s like a coat for your hose. It insulates the hose so that the humid air doesn’t get in contact with the colder air and not allowing any condensation.

The best product on the market is SnuggleHose. It’s soft to touch, hypoallergenic and helps make the use look less medical looking.

3. CPAP Hose Holder

A problem I have is that I’m a side sleeper and the hose would fall off the edge of the bed and pull on my mask causing mask leaks. Plus if I turned over I would pull the machine off the table.

To solve this problem I used a hose holder. It’s like a coat rack for your hose.

The rack base slides between the base and mattress of your bed. A vertical bar goes up and above your head and you attach your hose to the clip. This makes the mask dangle from above.

This solved my problem and helped when I had to go to the bathroom during the night. I’d unclip and when I came back didn’t have to hunt for the mask as it was always at the end of the hose holder.


4. CPAP Pillows

This shouldn’t be confused with Nasal Pillows which are a type of mask.

The CPAP pillow is a specially shaped pillow that allows the mask to fit into a ‘hole.’

CPAP Pillow

Src: Contour

When I sleep on my side the full face mask would shift because it was being pushed up by my pillow causing annoying leaks.

The specially designed pillow allowed me to rest my head on the pillow and the mask would fit inside the hollow.

No more twisted masks and air leaks.

5. CPAP Mask Liners

REMzzzs Mask Liner

Src: REMzzzs

These are an absolute must if you wear any mask that covers your mouth (oral, full face or hybrid).

When you sleep oils and sweat forms on the mask where it connects to your face. As these build up you will start to get acne.

CPAP liners prevent this from happening.

Mask liners also help improve the seal between your face and mask. This means you can use less strap tension to hold your mask tight thereby reducing the risk of developing open and painful sores.

If you already have open sources then you can apply ointment to the sore and using a mask liner be able to continue using your mask.

It also allows you to sleep with a skin moisturizers. Moisturizers can rot the edge of the mask rendering them useless in a short amount of time.

The best CPAP Mask Liner is REMzzzs.

6. New CPAP Hoses

Even if you don’t need a heated hose to prevent rain-out you may want to get a new hose that is:

  • Lighter weight
  • Longer than 6 feet.

I found my mask hose dragged heavy whenever I turned over, pulling the mask off my face and letting in air. A lighter weight hose helps with this.

I also like to sleep in the middle of a king sized bed and the standard 6ft hose just wasn’t enough.

7. CPAP Hose Cleaning

To prevent breathing problems caused by mold you need to keep your machine, humidifier and mask clean after each nights use.

Unfortunately the hose is often forgotten and for good reason: its damned hard to clean the inside of a 6 foot hose.

There are too options for cleaning a hose:

  • CPAP Hose Brush
  • CPAP Sanitizer

7.1. Hose Brush

The cheapest way is buy a specialized brush. The CPAP brush has soft bristles so as to not damage the delicate insides of a hose. It is normally 5 feet long to allow you to get deep inside the hose.

They come in two sizes: 19mm for standard hoses and 15mm for slim line hoses.

7.2. CPAP Sanitizer

So Clean 2

Src: Better Sleep Solutions

If you’re prone to nasal or chest infections, or are frustrated with the amount of cleaning you need to do to your machine—then consider buying a CPAP Sanitizer.

This wonderful solution allows you to put the humidifier, mask and hose into a ‘steam’ cooker and when you go back to bed in the evening it’s all clean and ready to go.

Highly recommended.