Is Your CPAP Machine Killing You? CPAP Filters Buyers Guide

Example of a filter

Source: ResMed

The air in the bedroom is disgusting. Full of mites, dust and other contaminants. And if you’re having trouble sleeping and all of these irritants can close up your throat making the sleep apnea worse.

To stop this every CPAP machine has a custom fit CPAP filter normally found at the back of the machine.

It’s vital that the filter is maintained property.

Left unchanged the filter can clog up making your machine work extra hard trying to get the air at the correct pressure. This can lead to premature wearing out of parts and cause the air pump to fail.

If you don’t change the filter then bugs and bacteria can grow on the filter and give you a sinus and chest infections.

There are two types of filters:

  • Foam (Reusable)
  • Cloth (Disposable)

Reusable Filters

The reusable foam filter is used to filter out the larger particles from the air like dirt and fur.

It’s reusable because you can because you can wash it under the tap, let it air-dry and insert back into the machine.

It should be washed every week– more often if you live in a smoky or dusty house.

Although reusable the filter should be replaced every 3-6 months.

Disposable Filters

Disposable Filters are made up of a fine cloth-like material. If you suffer from allergies or sinus infections then you must use disposable filters.

It’s particularly effective at filtering out the smaller particles that would pass through the reusable foam filter.

You can’t wash a disposable filter it should be thrown out every 2 weeks or whenever the filter is no longer white.

The better machines allow you to use both foam and cloth filters. The cloth filter should be inserted closest to the machine and the foam one the furthest from the machine.

Special Note: Specialized Filters
RESMed sell specialized disposable filters that can only be used on their machines but they are great if you have allergies. They provide bacterial and hypoallergenic filters.

Bacteria filters are very useful if you have sinus infections or allergies as they provide the best defense against unhealthy air.