Easy Life CPAP Nasal Mask Review

Easy Life CPAP Nasal Mask

Easy Life CPAP Nasal Mask

Rating Cost Made By
5/ 5 $53! Philips Respironics


Pros Cons
– Autoseal technology – Not good for low pressures (<8)
– Easy to adjust – Seal can fail quickly (in some cases after 2 days)
– Forehead adjusts automatically – Velcro which can stretch weakening facial contact
– Petite size available: suitable for children – Not good for silky hair
– Lightweight – Tough to read or watch TV
– Copes with high pressures – Difficult to size: there’s an inner mask size and outer mask size.
– Side sleeper friendly – Tough to assemble
– Facial hair works well.

This mask is all about the auto-seal technology. And it’s pretty phenomenal. The cushion is made of an inner and outer cushion.

The inner cushion rests against your face creating the seal. The outer mask fills up air and pushes the inner mask down to firm up the seal!

The outer cushion acts as a damper – it protects the seal against bumps and jarring.

The air-bumper makes the mask suitable for active sleepers, side sleepers, even stomach sleepers.

If you have a beard or moustache you’ll also get a good seal.

Because the air-bumper needs a good amount of air this mask isn’t suitable for low pressures (<8 cmH2O). It is however effective at higher pressures (>15cmH2O).

To get a good seal on the bridge of the nose the mask uses a forehead pad which adjusts automatically to give a little more pressure on the top of the cushion.

Unfortunately this forehead pad makes reading in bed or watching TV more difficult. Definitely hard to wear glasses with this mask.

Not suitable for claustrophobic users

The inner mask comes in four different sizes:

  • small
  • medium-wide
  • medium or
  • large.

The outer cushion comes in two sizes:

  • small or
  • large.

The mask also comes in petite making it suitable for children.

The exhaust ports are very small and don’t whistle which means they are quiet, even at higher pressures. They are directed away from you and your partner so their sleep won’t be interrupted.

There aren’t a lot of complaints about this mask. The main 3 are:

  • inner seal wears down quickly
  • difficult to size, and
  • silky hair slippage.

Inner Seal

Some people found a great seal but after a short amount of time (from a few days to a couple of weeks) they could never get a good seal again.

This is normally caused by not putting the mask together properly. It’s not the easiest mask to take apart and put back together again.

For this reason I suggest the SoClean sanitizing system. You can put your mask in the machine without taking it apart and the system will clean your mask and hoses to be ready for the next evening.

Difficult To Size

With five inner cushion sizes (small, medium, medium wide, large and petite) and two outer sizes (small or large) the permutations of mask configuration is very large.

The sizing chart though is pretty accurate but make sure you purchase return insurance. Most stores won’t accept a return with the insurance.

Silky Hair

Those with fine, silky hair report that the headgear slips. Just be aware of this problem.


A very competent mask suitable for all types of sleepers. Must only be used for higher pressure users (>8 cmH2O) or else you won’t get a good seal.