Mirage FX Nasal Mask Review

Mirage FX

Mirage FX

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5/5 $120 ResMed


The Mirage FX CPAP Mask is a great mask. One of the top 3 masks in the nasal mask space. Lots of users love this mask and get a good night sleep using it.

Pros Cons
– 3 Sizes available: Small, standard and wide. – Smaller face and you gave to get the For Hear size – in pink!
– Dual -wall SpringAir makes for a more event distribution of pressure and thus a better seal. – Plenty of users complain about pain on the bridge of the nose
– Extra softness on the bridge of the nose – Not good for higher pressures (>15cmH2O)
– SoftEdge headgear is flexible improving comfort and support. – Side sleepers tend to get leaks – consider the ActiveLT (XlinkX) or Zest (XlinkX)
– Contoured edges is gentle on the face. – Not thick moustache friendly
– Quick Release Hose
– Good for claustrophobia and allows you to watch TV and read books
– Good for both stomach and back sleepers.

Key Features

  • Quick release hose! Take the hose off for the midnight pee break and when you’re done reattach the hose. Absolutely no touching of the mask so the seal should remain after reattaching. Finally a clever solution to the potty break.
  • Unobstructed Viewing. You can read and watch TV in bed. Glasses will fit in general.
  • Flexible. The mask makes use of the SoftEdge headgear that is flexible and breathable and the contoured arms fit your face nicely.
  • Size friendly: 3 sizes available with extra headgear width and cushion for the wider nosed user, as well as a smaller cushion and shorter frame for smaller, flatter noses.

One of the smallest masks

This mask is small. It needs to be: the Zest (XlinkX) from Fisher and Paykel set the standard for small size.

A smaller mask size is less obstructive so you can watch TV or read a book while wearing the mask.

It also makes it really suitable for travelling with.

Back, Stomach and Side Sleepers?

This is a good mask for back sleepers.

Some users found it difficult for side sleepers but in general it’s pretty good. It doesn’t have a rotating elbow so routing it over head isn’t possible. And that’s a shame because that would help greatly for Side Sleepers.

The mask is one of the few that is excellent for stomach sleepers.

This is because the exhalation port is positioned so that if you sleep on your stomach it doesn’t get blocked. A nice touch!


Excellent headgear. Using the SoftEdge you can get a comfortable fit that breathable. The ‘arms’ of the mask are contoured so it fits better on the face. Doesn’t obstruct or go over the ears.

Quick Release Hose

Now this is an excellent feature: the best solution for the midnight pee problem. You do not have to touch the mask if you need to go to the bathroom. The mask disconnects at the elbow, at the hose. Without touching the mask you can quickly get back in bed but clicking the hose on the mask. That’s it.


The air vents on the mask are designed to reduce noise and air flow over your bed partner. They will appreciate that.

Hairy Faces?

This is a good mask for thin moustaches or thin beard. Any thicker and leaks will occur.


As you can see this mask has a lot of good feature. I especially love the headgear and the quick release hose connector.

Mirage FX Features

Mirage FX Features