Mirage Micro Nasal Pillow Mask Review

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Mirage Micro CPAP Nasal Pillow Mask

Rating Price Manufacturer
4/5 $100 ResMed


A good mask from RedMed with 24 position adjustment making it good for most faces. Comes with a good range of cushions size from kids to wide nostrils.

Pros Cons
– 24 position adjustment – elbow joint squeaks
– mostly clear field of vision – mask is hard on the nose : needs softer material
– 4 masks sizes including kids – not great for a side sleeper
– lots of replacement parts available on Amazon – typical Velcro issues
– headgear clips
– good travel mask

Really Adjustable

The mask provides 24 positions of adjustments to help get the best fit for your face. Whilst this is great I did find it very difficult to get a good seal. Just couldn’t find the right setting for me.

The mask also uses Velcro. This can quickly get clogged up with lint and fail to attach properly. This is a common limitation with all masks.


The mask come in 4 sizes:

  • Kids
  • Small
  • Medium + Large
  • Large Wide + Extra Large

I’m especially impressed with a mask that can fit a child. It’s suitable for kids 7 and older and who weight at least 40 lbs.

The other size Large Wide is very useful for wide noses. Again this is one of only two masks that support these types of noses.

One Clip

It does provide a neat one clip for easy removal of the mask. No more fiddling and readjusting the mask after you take it off and go to the bathroom.

The clip is of good quality plastic so you’ll get a good amount of use of it.

Replacement Parts

Mind you, if the mask does break there are loads of spare parts available that you can buy from Amazon (XlinkX)


The mask has a particularly good air diffuser. It directs the expelled air away from your partner and is very quiet. My wife especially liked this feature as we like to sleep side to side facing each other.

Side Sleeper?

I did find it hard to get a good seal as a side sleeper. The cushion is very hard and to get a good seal on the nose required some strong pressure on the cushion. Ultimately leading to red marks and a sore face.

Travel Friendly

This mask is lightweight and small making it ideal as a travel mask. Combine it with a portable CPAP machine (XlinkX) and you’re good to go on holiday: be it a cruise, hotel stay or camping trip.

Eye friendly?

The mask generally is easy to read or watch TV with. You may experience some issues with the headgear and glasses.


Good mask for back sleepers and great for small faces of kids. Definite consider if you’re looking for a CPAP mask for kids. The fine adjustment dial works quite well but I found the multitude of adjustments just too complicated.


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Mirage Micro Nasal Pillow

Mirage Micro Nasal Pillow Mask

Mirage Micro CPAP Nasal Pillow Mask
Mirage Micro Nasal Pillow
Mirage Micro Nasal Pillow Mask