Mirage Swift II Nasal Pillow Mask Review

Mirage Swift II Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

Rating Cost Made By
4 / 5 $120?!? ResMed


Pros Cons
– very quiet – not suitable for high pressures >16cmH2O
– side and back sleeper friendly – hose is heavy
– rout-able hose
– cloth wrapped headgear

RESMed started producing the Mirage Swift II Nasal Pillow CPAP mask in December 2011. 3 years later and they’re still producing it. There’s a good reason for that. It works.

This mask is very lightweight: 2.5 ounces.

It also makes use of RESMed’s 2nd-gen pillows which provides an event better seal and easier to use.

A really cool feature is the air hose. All too often the tube gets tangled up as you toss and turn on the bed. Should it hang left? Should it hang right?

With this mask the headgear allows you to position your tube to go up or down or left or right.

When you get it right you won’t need to tighten the mask overly tight and that leads to a more comfortable fit.

Once you get it fitted taking it on and off is a breeze and you don’t have to fiddle faffle around: the mask need only be slipped on and off when needed. For me that’s a problem because I have a tendency to remove my mask at night when I’m asleep but I’m strange like that. For most people this is a boon: especially if you have to go to the toilet midway through the night.

How hard is it to get the right size?

Well first off you get three different sizes of pillows: small, medium or large. This might seem wasteful but when you’re trying it out for the first time it’s always better to have all three options instead of having to use the fitting guide.

But even if you’re a newbie at this the mask comes with a CD to demonstrate setting up and using the mask along with a quick-chart for fitting and the user manual.

It also comes with a high quality carry bag. Very useful if you like travelling with your CPAP machine. The bag has room to store all three nasal pillows. Funkily it has an airflow mesh to let the mask air-dry out whilst it’s not being used.

How quiet is it?

RESMed uses the same technology as in the Swift FX mask, namely the out gasses are vented out through the frame and not the front of the mask. This reduces the annoying noise and stops the gases from going into your eyes. Sounds trivial but it’s eight-six percent quieter than the original Mirage Swift mask.

And that helps you get a better sleep–and more importantly–your partner.

Is this mask bulky?

Oh no. At only 2.5 ounces it’s one of the lightest nasal pillow masks out there. It’s designed to be small and cover the minimum amount of face. It’s design allows you to wear glasses while reading or watching TV. It’s also very useful if you don’t like masks around your eyes: it’s sleek and small.

As mentioned earlier it comes with a small travel case making it convenient for travelling with CPAP.

Also because it’s so small it doesn’t make you look like Darth Vader so using it in public (say on a plane) won’t lead you to full on embarrassment.

I’ve had trouble with the Pillows before.

You know RESMed has done it’s homework with this mask. Apparently they went through a lot of different noses and faces to come up with an ideal design. And boy did they do their homework.

That’s why it comes with three sizes of pillow. No two faces are alike but they found that with the 3 sizes they covers about 95% of users. Many users of this mask said they could find a comfortable combination of pillow size and headgear setup.

Indeed some users moved back after trying some of the newer mask designs. Quite the testament.

One of the limitations of the Swift FX mask means that certain smaller/turned up noses don’t get a clean seal on the nostril. But with Mirage Swift II the pillow ‘rotates’ allowing you to get a much better seal on the nostril.

Is it comfortable?

RESMed is known for creating comfortable masks and in this case their reputation is safe. The pillows are supple enough to account for facial movements: You can smile without causing a leak!

I suggest you watch the included CD-ROM that shows how to best fit your mask. Once the headgear is fixed into place the mask is easy to take on and off. You don’t need to fiddle with quick clips or undo the Velcro. The only time you should need to adjust the mask is when the headgear stretches. (If that happens you can buy just the headgear from Amazon: a much cheaper option than replacing the whole mask.)

Putting the mask on involves just putting the pillows on your nostril and pull the headgear up and over your head. Removal isn’t the same as putting on! In that case you pull the pillows off your nose and lift them up and over your head.

How hard is it to look after my mask?

It’s dirt easy to dismantle your mask as it’s only made up of a few parts. Click, click and it’s undone. Click, click and it’s done back up.

Each component–the mask cushion, mask frame and headgear– can be purchased separately from Amazon. Thus if one part fails you don’t have to spend another $150 to replace it. If you keep your mask for 5 years that’s a big amount of saving.

I find the hose gets in the way. What can this mask do?

It’s party trick is the ability to place the hose on different locations on the headgear. Go up? Go down? Left? Right? It’s all possible with this mask.


This isn’t the most perfect mask: there isn’t one. But users have found that they can get a reasonably sealed connection and have limited mask leaks. Normally with a leak you just have to twist one of the pillows a bit.
With 3 different pillows coming with the mask and flexible headgear you will most likely find a comfortable and well sealed mask.