Nuance Nasal Pillow Mask Review

Nuance Nasal Pillow




  • 1st ever gel nasal pillow
  • Nuance pro has silicone frame and gel pads
  • Nuance has a soft cloth foam
  • 3 sizes of nasal pillows supplied
  • micro exhalation ports
  • travel friendly
  • short host between mask and long hose creates buffer that helps prevent leaks
  • route-able house


  • gel pads (cheek) are permanently attached to the frame and cannot be removed
  • Nuance and Nuance Pro headgear are not interchangeable.


Great Mask for a Reasonable Price

Nuance Pro Mask

Nuance Pro Mask

This mask is the only one that features the blue gel for the nasal pillows instead of silicone. Those who have experience the blue gel form Philip Respironics full face masks know how soft it feels and how good it seals on the face.

That seems to be the focus of this pair of masks: comfort.

It’s certainly not clarity.


There are two masks here: Nuance and Nuance Pro. And the headgear fits one type of mask. The only thing that’s interchangeable are the nasal pillows. Beware when you try to get replacements.

So let me clarify: there is Nuance and Nuance Pro.

  • The Nuance Frame is made of a soft, flexible and lightweight cloth fabric. The nasal gel pillows are attached to the frame with a built-in retaining ring. N.B. the fabric headgear frame used on the Nuance is not compatible with the Nuance Pro.
  • The Nuance PRO is a silicone frame with gel pads on the cheek area. The headgear is made of three sewn pieces: back strap, left and right crown straps. N.B. the Nuance Pro headgear only with the pro frame.

So which frame is best?

If you have sharp features or find masks leave red marks on your cheeks hen try the silicone/gel frames (Nuance Pro).

My problem is sweat. I find the sweat leads to slipping masks, skin irritation and acne. I use Remzzzs and recommend that you do too.

So a cloth frame is a great solution for me. Well at least I thought it did. It stopped the sweating problem but when it came to washing it was much more difficult. With silicone masks you can hand dry them, but cloth ones take a lot longer.

Using a SoClean2 steam cleaner leads to a much cleaner system and didn’t leave me with a damp mask, so again I recommend this.

I do love the fact they supply three sizes of the nasal pillows. Every person’s nose is different and having to order/ship back a mask because of needing a nother size pillow is a pain.

Note: make sure they ship you all three sizes – sometimes your prescription will say a specific size and that’s the only size you’ll get.

Note: also get return insurance – it’s very unusual you will get the perfect mask first time and you’ll need to send it back for a different one. This insurance covers you so you don’t have to buy a new mask each ime.

The Best Feature

Sound the trumpets. This mask has one of the most important features in my book.

The Pee Release.

Middle of the night and I need to go pee. With most other masks I have to take it off, do my business, and put the mask back on and fight to get a seal. All without waking up.

This mask has a detachable short hose!

You unplug the short hose from the long hose, do your business, reattach the hose and go back to sleep. You don’t have to readjust your mask!

Philips: I thank you.

The other advantage of this small hose is that it is routable: you can route it above you head if you are a back sleeper.

I sleep on my sides and my back. Having the hose mounted above my head to a [CPAP Hose Holder](CPAP Hose Holder) allows me to toss and turn without the hose yanking the mask off.

About the only bad thing I can say about this mask is that the gel pads on the Nuance Pro are permanently mounted and wear out quicker than the frames. One pad goes and you have to buy a whole new frame instead of just replacing the pad.


A truly well rounded mask that’s popular for many reasons. For anyone looking for a nasal pillow CPAP mask should consider this mask first.