OPUS 360 CPAP Nasal Pillow Review

OPUS 360 CPAP Nasal Pillow

OPUS 360 CPAP Nasal Pillow

Opus 360 Mask Review (Nasal Pillow)

Rating Price Manufacturer
5/5 $75 Fisher and Paykel


A must try on any nasal pillow mask test list. Excellent for side and back sleepers, active sleepers and hairy faces. Although not one of the big boys (Resmed and Philips Resptronics) this should be a #1 to try. You can wear glasses, read and watch TV. It’s quick release and reattachment clips allow you to get a good seal in the middle of the night. It also comes with 3 pillow sizes to give you the best chance to find a good fit for your nose.

Pros Cons
– Contoured mask frame – foam pads on the mask frame soaks up sweat and causes irritation
– Very comfortable generally – prongs are a little stiff and hurt the nostrals
– Quiet exhaust ports – headgear is one size fits most and hurts big heads
– Very lightweight (< 2 ounces) – Larger nostrils don’t fit. The pillows sizes seem smaller. E.g. Large feels like a medium.
– Soft lip cushion
– Tube anchoring system

An awesome mask

This is an awesome mask. Let me repeat that: the Opus 360 is an awesome nasal pillow mask.

It’s made by Fisher and Paykel – a company known for doing things differently in the CPAP mask space.

This mask is a significant improvement on the Opus mask.

This mask must be on your must try list. Another on that list is the Swift LT (XlinkX) but I think you should try this one first.

Opus 360?

Why is it called the 360? That’s because of the 360 degree pivotal ball and socket elbow connection between the mask and the hose. It gives you a bucketful of allowed movement.

Tube Anchoring System

The mask also comes with a tube anchoring system. This allows you to position the tube over your head, on the side or leave it loose. This holds the mask in place so you can turn your held and still remain sealed.

Some people don’t like the idea of the anchor but what it does is keep the hose out of the when you turn your head from side to side.

Lightweight or what?

This mask is very lightweight (under 2 ounces). It’s also very slim.

Pee breaks supported

This mask satisfies one of my key criteria for a mask: it supports a quick release and a quick reattach system.

You are able to disconnect the mask for midnight pee break and click it back on without needing to adjust the Velcro straps.

It takes a long time for the mask to fit the face without leaking. And at 2am and I need a potty break I simply click to release and click to reattach. I don’t want to fiddle with the mask: I just want to put it on and go back to sleep.

Cleaning Friendly

This setup is also good for cleaning. It allows you to take the mask apart without having to readjust the straps. (Although I personally recommend the SoClean system because it cleans the mask, the hose and the humidifier automatically. (XlinkX)

Contoured Frame

The mask frame has been updated: it now contours around your face increasing comfort and a better foundation for leak free use.

3 Sizes to Choose From

Another key feature I consider mandatory for nasal pillow masks is that it comes with three sizes of pillows: small, medium and large. You shouldn’t have to guess and trust a sizing chart. Also I have different sized nostrils: having all three means I can have a different size in each nostril if needed.

Make sure your prescription says all three sizes. If it just specifies one size the mask will only come with that size.

Soft Lip Cushion

The mask also features a soft lip cushion: it conforms to the shaper of the upper lip helping it create a good seal on the pillows.

Beard or moustache?

Hairy faced users have said this mask works great for them.

Now the bad news

  • The padding on the frame can soak up the sweat and leads to irritation, redness and possibly acne. To stop it I suggest cleaning it with a SoClean machine. (XlinkX).
  • Prongs hurt. With this mask they are stiff and long causing irritations for some users. This gets better overtime as the silicone softens or you try smaller pillows.
  • Big nostrils need not apply. If you have big nostrils you’ll have to find a different mask. The size of the pillows are on the smaller size. Large means Medium, Small to Extra small.
  • Large heads need to go elsewhere: it’s one size fits most.
  • Only good for pressures up to 10cmH2O