Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow Mask Review

Pilairo-Q Nasal Pillow

Pilairo-Q Nasal Pillow

Rating Price Manufacturer
3/5 $75-$110 Fisher and Paykel


Middle of the price range for a middle of the road mask. Whilst this mask does a good job it’s more remarkable feature is to work up to 25cmH2O: an exceptionally high pressure for a nasal pillow mask.

Pros Cons
– Lightweight – Leaks are common
– Quiet exhaust – Not very good for side and stomach sleeprs
– Air Pillow Seal – One size fits most: doesn’t fit all
– Non-adjustable headgear – Pillows tear quickly (replacements from Amazon at $20 (XlinkX)
– Back sleeper friednly
– Small – good for travelling
– Up to 25cmH2O

Is it Lightweight?

52! That’s how much this mask weighs: 52 g (or 1.83 oz). That’s super lightweight and is important for overall comfort.

If your mask is too heavy it feels like an octopus attached to your face. That heaviness causes your head to drop towards your chest closing your airway: making breathing more difficult. But at 52 grams you’ll not face that problem!

Not only is it lightweight it is also very small. This makes the mask handy for travelling. (Check out our Travelling With CPAP article (XlinkX)).

The Q factor

But there’s a party trick to this mask. And it’s so important that Fisher and Paykel added the Q to it’s name. It stands for Quiet. This mask is quiet and the diffuser causes very little drafts.

Nice feature or Bad?

One of the nice feature is that this mask comes with two different headgear style:

  • Adjustable :fits a broad range of head sizes and can be adjusted like other masks on the market.
  • StretchWise:automatically conforms to your head. (One Size Fits Most)

I’m not a fan of one size fits most. I have a weird head shaped head and would have avoided this mask if not for them supplying an adjustable one.

Can it take the CPAP pressure?

To make the mask word the nasal pillows have to seal your nostrils. They use an air pillow seal: its pillows inflate to block the nostrils.

This setup allows the Pilairo Q to be used to a pressure of up to 25cmH2O. An unheard of pressure. Normally above 13cmH2O and the pressure causes the pillows to pop off the nose. Normally you’d have to use a full face mask to get to these pressures.

One user reported that if you have wide nostrils the mask is only effective to 10cmH2O; some as low as 8cmH2O.

But that shows the weakness of this mask. It only comes with one size of pillows.

Back and Side Sleepers

For back sleepers this mask works extremely well. If you don’t move a lot as a side sleeper then it’ll work well. But Active Sleepers need look elsewhere.

Hairy faces

Got a beard? It leaks.

Quality of Materials is an issue

Well with two headgears you should get a lot of use out of them. With the stretchwise headgear washing it will shorten its lifespan: it loses elasticity and shape. You can buy replacements headgear (XlinkX).

But not cleaning isn’t a good idea as it can to sinus infections. I suggest using SoClean to keep everything hygienic without damaging the headgear. (XlinkX)

The adjustable headgear is of average quality. The ball joint and clicks are made to okay quality. You can buy replacements (XlinkX).

Some people have found adjusting the straps to be difficult but otherwise no real complaints.


Normally I’m a big fan of Fisher and Paykel masks. However this just doesn’t feel up to their normally high standards.

If you have an ‘easy’ face then certainly give this mask a try. But if you have a petite face, large face, narrow septum, large nostrils then you should be looking at Opus 360 (XlinkX) and Swift FX (XlinkX). If you have higher pressure (> 8cmH2O) and can’t get a good seal with other nasal pillow masks, then certainly try this one.


Fitting : https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=WMXpnUmc5Go

Cleaning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=vEhNusoRPG4