Mirage Quattro Mask Review (Full Face)

Quattro Mask Review (Full Face)

Rating Price Manufacturer
2/5 $175 Resmed


The mask is the older version of the Quattro FX (XlinkX). The mask has good features and shouldn’t be ruled out a good alternative to the upgraded FX model. I wouldn’t buy a new one though: I would consider buying one second hand on ebay (XlinkX) or local for sale listings on craigslist or kijiji.ca.

Pros Cons
– very lightweight – painful on the bridge of the nose
– dual wall cushion – claustrophobic unfriendly
– seals good at the chin – mask moves around too much : not for active sleepers
– microfit dial for fine adjustments -quick release on mask bot hose
– four sizes – not effective at high pressures.

Why bother when there’s the FX around?

This is going to be a quick review.

Don’t bother with this mask. ResMed has released the Quattro FX (XlinkX) which is a far superior mask.

However: there are a lot of users of this mask out there, and they love it more than the FX.

Dual Wall Cushion

Still here? OK.

This is a lightweight mask that has a dual wall cushion for the seal.

Using a dual wall cushion you have to make sure the headgear straps aren’t tight. The tighter the strap the more likely you’ll have leaks.

The cushions need to be able to expand to give a good seal. Having a looser strap allows the cushion to balloon up and wrap to your face better.

Once the cushion is full you adjust the straps to be just snug enough to stop the leaks.

Another sign you have the straps on too tight and not getting enough air in the mask is you wake up with a painful bridge.

Some people still have problems with leaks but have found Remzzzs Mask Liner (XlinkX). They help reduce the amount of leaks and make the mask more comfortable.

The mask is not usable if your an active sleeper. It doesn’t take much to dislodge it and cause a leak. Again mask liners (XlinkX) help.

Microdial For Fitting

To help get a better fit the mask comes with a microdial. Turn it and it makes small adjustments to the fit of the mask. This is nice as adjusting the mask using the straps is very difficult to do with any fine control.

Why no quick release?

Another thing that can screw up the seal is when you go to the bathroom.

With this mask you use the quick release clips to pull the mask off. Do your business. Come back and you have to refit the mask on your face.

Quick release but not quick reconnect. A quick release on the hose would be a better solution.

Size does matter

THe mask comes in 4 sizes: extra small, small, medium, and large.

Users have reported that the sizing guide (XlinkX) is pretty accurate.

It is recommended you get return insurance in case you have to get a different size.

The flap

The mask , like most full face masks are not suitable for claustrophobic users.

This mask does have a flap in the elbow of the mask connector. This stays open and you can breath outside air if your machine is not on and running at a very low pressure.

The flap is a good thing: it makes breathing easier and you won’t suffocate.

As soon as you turn on the machine the air pressure closes the flap and you can breath the air from your machine at the correct pressure.


If you normally use nasal pillow or nasal masks you will need to keep a full face mask with you for when you have a cold or blocked sinuses.

While I wouldn’t buy one new, I would consider buying one on Ebay (XlinkX).