Simplus CPAP Full Face Mask

Simplus CPAP Full Face Mask

Simplus CPAP Full Face Mask

Simplus CPAP Full Face Mask Review

All in all, this is an excellent mask that has very few negative comments. I suggest making it one of the top 3 full face mask you try along with Quattro FX and Confort Gel Blue. Going by the number of satisfied users maybe it should be the first one you try.


  • Award Winning Design
  • Headgear fits all mask sizes
  • Automatic adjusting seal
  • Advanced air diffuser
  • Ergoform headgear


  • No quick release from hose
  • Getting seal can be difficult
  • One size mask only
  • Hose connection flimsy

$99-$135 | 4/5 stars

Another Fisher and Paykel mask and another winner. If you’re read any of my other Fisher and Paykel reviews you’ll see I particularly like their innovative approach to mask design. They attack the problem from a different angle than ResMed or Phillips.

And this mask has a lot of innovative features.

Fisher and Paykel call this ErgoForm. This frame is made up of stretch and non-stretch breathable fabric panels that provide support in just the right places. If self locates onto the rear of the head and lets you move a lot (left and right as well as up and down).

This mask is very usable for active sleepers.


Another really cool feature about the headgear is it accommodates all three mask sizes (small, medium and large).

This is useful because with some masks you have to buy a headgear that matches the size of the cushion. And if you’re trying to find the right fit it’s cheaper to just change the cushions instead of both the cushion and headgear.

(One odd thing though is this mask only comes with the one cushion size. Fisher and Paykel have supplied multiple cushions with their other masks. This is unusual for them.)

As with other Fisher and Paykel masks the mask is simple to assemble and disassemble. It is made of 3 parts: headgear, frame and cushion. With the quick release clip this is an easy mask to clean.

For best results and to prevent sinus infections I highly recommend the SoClean 2: it steam cleans your mask, hose and machine without the need to dismantle your mask and hose.

The mask also makes use of an advanced air diffuser. Fancy words but it just means the air coming out of the mask is quiet and a lot of users have reported that it is very quiet.

The most important part of any mask is getting a good seal. With the unique ergoform headgear you can get a good solid even pressure on the cushion.

The cushion uses a technology that F&P calls RollFit. It’s similar to the dual wall cushions but along with the ErgoForm headgear you don’t get a sore bridge of the nose.

Note: some people have reported that the cushion doesn’t work well with broad tops of the noses. Some broad nose users have found that mask liners, like RemZZZs, remedy that problem.

This mask isn’t perfect however. For one it doesn’t come with a hose clip which means you have to remove the whole mask if you need to go to the toilet. Why manufacturers don’t consider this I don’t know.

The mask only comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. So petite users should look elsewhere.

Some users have reported the that the hose connector is flimsy and is prone to snapping. And those parts aren’t cheap to replace: $25..

The whole mask is quite small and doesn’t obscure your vision. This makes it useful for claustrophobics and book readers.

Also helping active sleepers is the rotating elbow connector. This helps preventing the hose dragging when you turn over, helping maintaining a good strong seal.

I would prefer the ability to route the hose over the top of the head (for back sleepers) so that it will work well with a hose stand.


Simplus CPAP Full Face Mask

Simplus CPAP Full Face Mask