Sleepweaver Advance Mask Review

Sleepweaver Advance Mask Review (Nasal Mask)

Rating Cost Made By
4 / 5 $ 70 Circadiance


A very competent mask available in multiple colors so you can make a fashion statement. Circadiance continues to use cloth cushion which helps wick way sweat and maintain a strong seal. This mask should be considered if you find the Swift FX (XlinkX) not to your liking.

Pros Cons
– Available in many colors – one size fits most – tiny nose or wide nostrils look for a different mask
– Cloth material for cushion – tube can’t be routed: fixed connector
– Balloon Seal – No forehead pad so leak can occur at bridge of nose
– 3 point headgear for good fit – Harsh on bridge of nose
– 4" of adjustment on the headgear – Tough to get a good seal
– Good for both high and low pressures
– Optional featherweight tube available
– Small mask is available
– Read books and watch tv friendly

Multiple colors

In a world of ‘you can get any mask color as long as it’s white’ it’s nice to have a choice of color. The Advance cloth mask can be ordered in the following colors:

  • Beige
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Camo and
  • Leopard.

This is a nice touch, especially for teenagers who are put off my the ‘medical’-ness of a mask. The different colors make it cooler.

Cloth Mask

The cloth mask is unique to Circadiance.

By using cloth you get a much more comfortable mask.

  • The material can wick away any sweat. This reduces irritation and acne.
  • For pliable to get a better seal on the mask. Less leaks.
  • Softer to the touch: it’s like wearing the liner of a winter jacket.

Balloon Seal

The mask uses the air pressure from your machine to puff up the cushion innards. To get a good seal you attach it loosely around your head, hinge it around on the bridge of the nose and ‘roll’ it down to cover the nose. Then pull the mask straight out from the face and resettle. This allows the balloon to fill with air and create a better seal.

Note if you tighten the headgear to much it will compress the cushion which causes more leaks. It seems counter-intuitive but if you’re leaking try reducing the tension.


The mask goes with a one-size-fits-most headgear. The straps are very adjustable giving up to 4 inches of ‘growth’. Whilst it won’t fit all people it’s pretty good.

There is also ‘small’ headgear available.

The mask is a three point headgear. This allows the headgear to provide pressure from two directions: pulling up and pulling back. This is good for maintaining on good seal at the bridge of the nose.

Pressure Points

A failing of the one-size-fits-most is that it won’t support people with small noses or wide nostrils.


Users report the mask is good for pressures up to 16cmH2O.

Featherweight Hose

Circadiance provides a 1.28 ounce hose. This is useful because it doesn’t pull down on the mask as much allowing for a better seal again.

Routing not supported

The mask doesn’t provide a 360 swivel connector: it’s fixed place. This has two impacts:

  • When you move your head side-to-side the hose will drag on the chest breaking the seal.
  • You can’t use a hose harness to pull the hose over your head which is another good way of keeping a close seal when you move your head.

No forehead cushion

Whilst a forehead cushion is a pain in the butt if you want to read or watch tv, it does help cure leaks around the bridge of the nose. Without it you have to tighten the mask down which in turn hurts the bridge of the nose and a compressed cushion is also likely to leak elsewhere on the face.

Remember: no single mask is perfect for everyone. Whilst I couldn’t get the mask to not leak at the bridge of my nose, other users have reported success with this mask.