SleepWeaver Anew Mask Review

SleepWeaver Anew

SleepWeaver Anew

Rating Price Manufacturer
3/5 $79 – $109 Circadiance


Pros Cons
– Cloth cushion – Small vents – sounds like the mask is leaking
– Inflatable Seal – Leaks around the nose
– Dual Chamber Design – Poor for Side Sleepers
– No forehead support

CPAP Cloth Mask makes all the difference

Circadiance makes the ANEW mask. It’s one of the most unusual mask on the market because it uses a soft cloth for the mask instead of cold plastic.

Cloth has the ability to wick away the seat that forms under the mask making it much more comfortable to wear. As the material is breathable you are less likely to get a build up of oils under the mask leading to less blotchiness and less likelihood of acne.

The cloth nature of the mask is similar to the benefits to using Remzzzs (XlinkX).

This is one serious mask for those with allergies to silicone: Your face doesn’t come in contact with any silicone.

Hairy Friendly?

The cloth is more flexible than a firmer silicone material and as such is better able to cope with beards and moustaches.

What pressures?

The mask has a good operating pressure range of 4-30cmH2O, although some users reported the exhalation ports whistled loudly with any pressure above 24cmH2O.


The mask comes in three sizes and the headgear in two sizes:

  • Small mask only fits small frame
  • Medium and Large masks fit the regular frame.

No forehead pad

The headgear doesn’t use a forehead support This means it is more comfortable as there is less contact points on the skin.

It also makes the mask less claustrophobic than most full face masks. As it doesn’t block your eyes this is one of the rare full face masks that you can watch tv or read in bed while wearing it.

A very viable alternative to the hybrid masks (XlinkX).

No Forehead Pad Weaknesses

Unfortunately the lack of a forehead support is also its main weakness.

You see, without a forehead support you can’t get the right tension on the bridge of the nose. Too tight and it hurts your mouth; too loose and it causes the bridge to leak like a sieve.

Another side effect is if you’re a side sleeper then mask will shift and begin to leak. Definitely not a mask for side sleepers.

Fits some okay

Some users disagree with that.

I just have to say: this is why you test out different masks. What works for one person doesn’t work for someone else.

Exhalation Ports

Take for example the exhalation ports: Most users say they are quiet and don’t blow into their partner’s face and yet others — at higher pressures — complain it whistles.

I have high pressures and dislike the whistling.

360 Elbow Rotation

This mask does have a feature that I think should be mandatory on all masks; 360 degree elbow rotation. This allows you to route the hose down the chest to your side and up-and-over your head.

This features allows you to use a host hanger (XlinkX) to keep your hose out of the way and not snag it when you turn over in bed. You will need to buy the optional tether strap for Sleepweaver masks ($11). (XlinkX).

Another feature of the mask is their lightweight tub that weighs just 1.28 ounces and costs around $15. (XlinkX).

The lightweight hose reduces the drag on the mask and may help the active sleeper from not losing the seal on their masks.

Travel Friendly

This is a great mask to travel with. It squishes down into a small bundle and weighs a lot less than more traditional masks: and in these days of weight limitation on baggage this is a great feature.


I really want to like this mask. I love the cloth material and the rotating elbow joint. But I couldn’t get this to work for me. There are however a lot of positive reviews from users of this mask. If you’re sensitive to silicone, or have problems with facial redness or acne, then consider this mask.

Personally I find using Remzzzs on my traditional masks: gives me the benefit of a cloth mask whilst giving me great seal I need for my pressures.