SleepWeaver Elan Nasal Mask Review

SleepWeaver Elan

SleepWeaver Elan

SleepWeaver Elan Review (Nasal Mask)

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2 / 5 $94 Circadence


Pros Cons
– Cloth Mask – pulls moisture and heat from skin – Hard to clean mask
– Three cushion sizes (S, M, + L) – Slightest move generates mask leaks
– Feather weight tube and tether kit – Very fussy on face shape
– Rotating Elbow – No easy disconnect
– Small and travel friendly – Mask is uncomfortable under the hose.
– Cushion covers: beige, blue, pink, camo and leopard!
– No Rigid frame or forehead pad : free to flex, bend and compress  

Throw away the plastic! Embrace a cloth mask. This is what Circadence want you to do with their CPAP mask: The SleepWeaver Elan.

Unlike other Nasal CPAPP masks that are made of plastics, silicon and gel, the Elan is a soft fabric cushion that inflates like a balloon to create a seal.

The benefit of cloth over plastics is that cloth wicks away moisture, collects the oils and softens away contact points. This reduces the redness, acne and pressure sores associated with plastics.

Well this is the theory. A lot of users have found it is difficult to get a seal and more importantly keep a seal. It’s all too easy to turn your head and you develop a new mask leak.

It’s because of this I only give this mask a 2/5.

Still, as with any mask, some people have experienced great results.

Remember that everyone’s face is different. It takes time and error to find the right mask for you.

The cloth material comes in 5 different patterns: beige, blue, pink, camo and leopard. Makes it easy to be stylin’ in the bedroom :-). This is a neat feature – especially for fashion conscious teenagers. (Plus the masks ability to sock up skin oils helps control their outbreaks of acne.)

The mask comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

The mask also ships with all three sizes. I like this: you get to try each size to see which fits best without having to return the mask to get another size.

Make sure you still get return insurance. You may be one of the people where you can’t get a good seal or keep getting leaks when you toss and turn in bed.

The mask (in it’s starter kit) comes with a featherweight tube. This is good because the normal weight hoses is likely to pull the mask off your face and giving you more leaks.

A great feature is the tether and rotating elbow. This allows the house to route over your head with also helps with managing leaks.

Because there’s no forehead pad you are able to wear glasses, and watch tv and read in bed.

The headgear is also made from fabric and not rigid plastic allowing it to bend and flex freely. Whilst users report that it comfortable it can be the cause of more leaks. Some users also reported that they experience discomfort under the nose.


If you have sensitive skin you should try this mask. Whilst difficult to get a seal, if it works for you you will have a very comfortable mask.