Wisp Nasal CPAP Nasal Mask Review

Wisp Nasal CPAP Nasal Mask Review

Wisp Nasal CPAP Nasal Mask Review

Wisp Mask Review (Nasal Mask)

Rating Cost Made By
3 / 5 $109 Philips Respironics


Pros Cons
– Compact and lightweight design – hard to wash fabric frame
– unhindered view, even with glasses – velcro: liable to stretch or clog up
– Multiple sizes – fabric frame material of questionable quality
– Clear silicone or fabric frame – not for Long Noses
– Stylish
– Active Sleeper friendly

The Wisp is a small mask and very lightweight. This makes it feel comfortable on your face. It also makes for an excellent travelling mask.

Unusually the mask comes with two frames: clear silicone or a fabric covered frame. The fabric further comes in two styles:

  • soft cushioned faux suede
  • silky sateen

Some users have reported that the quality of the fabric is not up standard. Can’t say I’ve experienced that but there you go.

The fabric covered frame is quite stylish. This helps with compliance for fashion conscious teens.

The small size and cleaver headgear (it has a lack of a forehead pad) makes it a suitable for claustrophobic users. It allows you to read in bed (with your glasses on) or watch TV.

The cushions come in three sizes: small, medium and large. The mask is shipped with all three allowing you to find the best size for you.

Make sure your prescription requests all three: otherwise you’ll only get one set.

Because the mask is so lightweight it doesn’t drag on your face helping maintain a good seal.

Also being so small it’s harder to knock off so is good for active sleepers!

One side effect of being so small is that the cushion doesn’t fit a large nose.


The Wisp supplies comfort, interchangeable cushions and lightweight frame for an above average price. Whilst not in the Top 5 it is recommended for style conscious or smaller faces.