Zest Nasal Mask Review

Zest Nasal CPAP Nasal Mask Review

Zest Nasal CPAP Nasal Mask Review

Zest Mask Review (Nasal Mask)

Rating Cost Made By
5 / 5 $ 55 Fisher and Paykel


Another excellent mask from Fisher and Paykel. The Zest Nasal Mask features the Gliderstrap AntiLeak system that allows you to move your head side to side without affect the mask on your face. The quick release EasyClick system allows for effortless cleaning of the mask.

Pros Cons
– Gliderstrap AntiLeak System – hard to get seal at high pressures (> 15cmH2O)
– One Step Removal – Headgear is only one size fits most
– EasyClip Silicone Seal – if tube is routed over the head the air diffuser blows in your face
– Advanced Air Diffuser – extra care cleaning foam insert
– Stretch Gear Headgear – Can’t adjust the bridge of the nose
– Foam Cushion Insert – can be hard on the bridge of the nose
– Good for all sleeping positions
– Good for facial hair
– 3 Sizes (Zest Petite, Zest, and Zest Wide Nostrils
– Cushion and foam insert can be bought separately to lengthen the life of the mask.

Zest CPAP Nasal Mask Review

Fisher and Paykel hit the ball out of the park with this mask. It hits a lot of things I expect from a mask and I’ll detail it below. Rest assured though this is one of the top 3 masks that you should consider. Many users have found great success with this mask.

GliderStrap: what is it?

The strap is a unique way to attach the mask to the frame. It allows the mask to distribute the pressure when you turn your head. Magic. This stops the mask from leaking whenever you turn your head.

That’s just cool: it makes the mask suitable for side sleepers, active sleepers, and back sleepers.

Nasal Mask and Chinstrap

As with all nasal pillow mask users this mask is only effective for nose breathers. Mouth breathers should make use CPAP Chinstraps (XlinkX). This keeps your mouth close but if you can’t get used to using it then you should consider a full face mask (XlinkX) or Hybrid mask (XlinkX).

One step removal

Oh god. I keep complaining about this.

Midnight pee breaks are a nightmare. You have to remove the mask and go to the bathroom. When you come back you have to put the mask on, fiddle with it to get a good seal before you lie back down. Especially if you have Velcro straps.

For me all that wakes me up. And the whole point of CPAP is to get a good nights sleep without chocking to death.

This mask has a one-clip removal system. Click and it’s undone. Click back on and the mask is back in place. You don’t have to readjust it with the Velcro straps.

Come on manufacturers: this is a no-brainer.

The mask also has stretchgear headpiece. To gives the mask the ability to ‘stretch’ so keeping a better seal on the face.


The mask has a one-click system to removing the mask from the frame. This is an easy system to use and less likely to break.

Personally though, I prefer the SoClean system. You just have to pop your mask into it and it will use activated oxygen to cleanse your mask, hose and humidifier. (XlinkX)

Foam Cushion Insert

I have trouble with the Comfort Blue Gel (XlinkX). It just doesn’t conform to my face.

The Zest mask uses a foam insert and find it hugs the lumps and bumps on my face.

Along with the double wall cushion I was able to get a good seal.

Mind you it’s not suitable for high pressures (>15 cm2HO). Like the headgear it’s one size fits most.

The foam is harder to clean though. Getting it wet makes it uncomfortable to wear. (I don’t have the problem when using my SoClean system (XlinkX).

Separate Cushion and Insert For Sale

A great feature of this mask is that you can buy the cushion and foam insert from Amazon (XlinkX). With this you can replace just the mask bits and extend the life of your mask.

Mind you at $55 it’s not unreasonable to buy a whole new mask.

Routable over the head

I find it’s more comfortable to route the hose over my head and connect it to a hose holder (XlinkX). It helps maintain a seal with turning side to side by not allowing to hose to drag on the pillow. (This is not so important with the Gliderstrap.)

But, bizarrely, if you route it over your head the diffuser blows into your face.

Size does matter

The mask cushion comes in 3 sizes:

  • Zest Petite
  • Zest
  • Zest Wide Nostrils.

The covers a large range of users.

And Finally:

The mask is a solid one using some great innovative design like the Gliderstrap and Foam cushion insert. Strong recommend.


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