ZZZ-Mask CPAP Full Face Mask Review

ZZZ-Mask CPAP Full Face Mask Review

ZZZ-Mask CPAP Full Face Mask Review


  • Flexible and Lightweight
  • Very easy to clean
  • No forehead support
  • Clear line of sight
  • 360 degree swivel elbow
  • One way valve


  • Quick release clips can break easily
  • Seal pressure at nose too rigid
  • Fitting chart is poor
  • Connectors on side of head are uncomfortable for side sleepers



PMI Probasics – not a name you’d instantly recognize in the CPAP market. Not like Respironcs or Resmed or even Fisher and Paykel. But PMI Probasics?

Well you know I regularly recommend Fisher and Paykel because they think outside the box and come up with really good designs. Well PMI does the same but sell them for much less money that the Big 2.

The really good thing about this mask is it gets ride of the forehead support. The headgear goes up your head between the top of the ear and side of the head. By getting rid of the forehead support you get rid of the worst part of full face masks: claustrophobia.

You are able to watch TV, read a book. You have clear vision. You don’t feel like you’re going scuba diving.

However all is not perfect: putting glasses on isn’t the easiest thing to do or is it the most comfortable. You glasses arm have to rest against the headgear as it wrap near your ears. It’s doable just not overly comfortable.

The cushion is made of a soft but durable silicone which is silicone free. It’s not the softest stuff but it’s soft enough.

It’s also easy to clean, but I still recommend using SoClean2 for cleaning you mask equipment as it does a more thorough job without having to dismantle your equipment.

The cushion at the ridge of the nose can be too rigid for some nose sensitive noses. (That also includes you men out there.) I had this problem with my wider bridge of nose. I did find RemZZZs helped reduced the leaks and letting me get a good seal without over-tightening the mask.

Another nice feature of this mask is the double swivel connector. For the tosser-and-turner out their (aka active sleeper) you will like this. It allows for a lot of head movement without too much pulling on the actual mask: seal kept in place.

This mask doesn’t work too well with side sleepers. You see, the Velcros on the are just too thick. As you lay on the side they really dig in. That’s a real shame. A lot of people didn’t find this an issue mind – but it was for me.

Another feature is their one-way exhalation valve. This helps prevent a build of bad CO2 in the mask whilst prevent air from coming in from outside the mask. This is something other mask makers should consider.

And you come down to my two main complaints about CPAP masks:

  • Quick release
  • Plastic clips

I have to remove my mask from my face in the middle of the night. It’s a major hassle putting it back on and getting rid of the leaks. This mask doesn’t provide a quick release.

The mask also uses plastic clips which time and again are shown to fail repeatedly. This mask even comes with spare clips! How’s that for predicting they’ll snap. (Ok, kudos for providing spares).

They sell spare clips on Amazon for around $10 which is a good thing too.

The mask comes in three sizes: Small, Medium or Large. But their sizing chart is prone to inaccuracy. A lot of users have said they had to buy a mask a size smaller than the fitting chart suggested, So with this mask you’d better get return insurance as well.


All in all this is a reasonably good mask at a good price. It has some unique features making day-to-day usage easier such as non-claustrophobic, able to watch TV, read in bed, allow for Active Sleepers thanks to its 360 double elbow joint host. It can be uncomfortable with side sleepers but this has only been reported by a few users. Sizing can be an issue so buy return insurance.